XP Blueprint system suggestion

Everyone loves the early game, it’s always fun when everyone is running around with bows and waterpipes after a BP wipe. Day 1 of the wipe cycle shouldn’t have guys in full gear running around with AKs.

So when the XP system is implemented, let’s say they make it imposible to grind that amount of XP to unlock the high level items on day 1, impossible on day 2 and 3 even.

Eventually day 4 or 5 comes around and the people who have been putting the work in have all the BPs unlocked and most of the server can access the full arsenal. But what if you wanna change server and start fresh? Should you be stuck all the way behind the rest of the server? Or could they implement an XP multiplier based on how much time has passed since the wipe?

For example, XP is wiped weekly
On day 1 the XP gained is base rate, day 2 is 2X day 3 is 3X, day 4 is 4X etc etc.

This system ensures the guy who only plays 2 or 3 nights per week still has a good chance to catch up to the people who have been putting in 10 hours a day.
If you wanna start fresh half way through a wipe you can catch up quickly to where the server population has progressed to and this also ensures the early and middle game is prolonged by making the high tier items only achievable after days of progress.

I would like to see something similar to this system, what are everyone’s thoughts?

So your saying people should have an ex cap per day, making it so players that play alot vs players who don’t have no advantage. That kind of kills the reason for people who play alot vs the guy that pops in for a hour a day.

I don’t think artificially capping XP gained and altering progression based on time since a wipe is a good idea.

I’m hoping that the “Day 1 with AKs” problem is resolved by good design of the branching of the XP system.

For example, here’s a mod I made a few weeks ago:

You get 1 “research point” for levelling up mining, woodcutting, skinning or crafting (which work just like MMO skills). It’s harder to level up as the levels get higher so what tends to happen is RP gets harder to get as the game progresses. Incidentally the mining/woodcutting/skinning levels also affect gather rate.

Now, I designed this tree to force people into specialisation. If they want to make AKs, they have to get Crossbow, then Semi Auto Rifle, then AK which costs 58 total RP. Which is alot. Plus ammo for the thing which is a further 18. If they do this, they’re not going to have ANYTHING else either (hatchet, pickaxe, meds, clothing etc). Now while it’s possible to get 76 RP in the 1st day and be running around with AKs, only if you’re farming 100% of the time for like 12 hours, at which point they should probably be allowed to. And whilst they’re doing that, you can feel free to harrass them, stop their farming and lock down the area with crossbows and arrows which cost a mere 8 RP (which you get VERY quickly in the start, like 5 minutes after getting a stone hatchet).

This tree probably needs balancing and fine tuning but I haven’t really managed to attract a playerbase on the server running the tech tree yet.

No I’m not saying that at all, of course players that play longer will have more XP, not talking about capping XP.

I, as well as many other players aren’t able to play for extended periods of time and I also prefer to play solo. I hope with the new system it won’t be too hard for players such as myself to unlock the higher tiers.

Your system is pretty much what I am imagining will be implemented by the team but there are always modded servers to play on if the system is too much of a grind I guess.

The devs plan to have a universal XP system across all servers. Getting decent blueprints is supposed to take a very long time, don’t worry about “AKs on day 1”, that was the old system.

Why should a casual be rewarded for none effort? If someone puts 10 Hours into the game to have an advantage he should be rewarded.