XP how it really will work?

I play rust since steam release and i love the game.
but XP can ruin this game for me. i already receive the cost of this game in fun. i don’t might if it will be ruined like almost games i loved in hardcore mode and become easy to play and boring just for childrens of 5 years old can play with smile in face and be gross with my mother.

But i really don’t understand what this really change?
We will level up in account level, and this will unlock better recipes?
Or it will be server to server with each server i will have another level and stuffs?

I can get more loot for gathering?
i can run faster with more levels?
Is just for recipes?


uhm i thought Windows XP isnt supported anymore?? Why dont u upgrade to W7 or W10 ?

OP is definetly stating something else please be funny somewhere else

I hope its going to be Account bound Not Server only

i disagree; i hope it will be server specific, or you could simply buff your xp on an empty server to gain an advantage on another server.

yeah ok thats an argument

I like it simply for the idea that BPs will unlock in tier format. No longer will some fucker get lucky and find the best gun in the game 10 minutes after a wipe. People need to be rewarded not by chance but by the effort and time they put in.

if is that, i will love this, like need unlock all tier 1 to become getting tier 2 recipes… this is a unique point of xp format in survival game i can agree today. Garrys say hate artificial system (right?), but levels is the most powerfull artificial system i know LOL

i think it would be still cool to find a Weapon and use it but not mass produce it in the next folling 10mins

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maybe garry will force people to work together with that system who knows

damm i hate work together with random folks, i need chat with people before start thinking in coop. And i just kill target in 3 situations 1) Possible danger (even a naked can carry waterpipe shotgun) 2) get resources nerbay my bases 3) i want raid this fucking base at any cost!

But i always prefer to play alone. now i can play solo, if not i go out for my own good, damm i hate need play with others, slow me down in building, gathering, hunting, just because someone pass like 500 meters long WE NEED KILL HIM and i say, but the stones for the wall? i already get 10k in my pocket WE NEED KILL HIM COMO ON NOW and we die and i lost a long time for nothing and not is fun and stress bar ups… alone is better, i play minecraft anyway if this game become a need for partners xD

you just have to look for some good mates which kinda fit into youre playstyle.

for example me and my friends are 4 atm and basicly they kinda play the group and im the one who roams around them.

Youre kinda right trusting randoms is very stressful mostly youre getting backstabbed or matched with full retards

no thanks, i love play alone, i play skyrim alone for more than steam really count because a entire summer without connection. I play tibia alone, i play runescape alone, i play all games alone, why? i don’t want play poketibia, my RL mates play, or wait 30 minutos to other guy enter to become do something, i play alone and i know it is harder but i like, some games is impossible to play in this style. WoW is totally impossible, so i just leave, i play alone is my way, if i am playing and someone are friendly and just not retard i invite to make a ally, in this way i always find someone fast or not to play in a small groups. actually i meet awesome folks doing this, people i know for more than 3 years and still talking with

You guys are bitching about something we literally have no idea about whatsoever. I love a good bitch-fest as much as the next guy, but damn people. You’re actually making up shit just so you can bitch about it.

Holy fuck.

Well, i need some breaks at my work. this code are fucking my brain, is not smoth damm. and i am are worried about whats coming