XP system needs to be less linear and capped.

You should be able to unlock anything out of order. XP should have a moderately small cap to encourage strategic unlocking as well as teamwork.

I don’t like the idea of a hard level cap. Perhaps something like a soft cap where progress becomes very slow at later levels (10+).

i think the whole system is designed to slow down progression to end game; being able to unlock anything in any order would entirely counteract this. that said, i agree that unlock choices should have some bearing on progress. for example, scaled xp requirements for each level, so it takes more effort to get the next skill point. this would push specialising a little bit, which i think is better for interactions than everyone being a master-of-all-trades.

I didn’t think it was meant to slow down progression—I thought it was meant to prevent one from having to rely on the RNG. Also, I think caps for the sake of player interaction is the opposite of the whole “we don’t want to force a particular style of gameplay” paradigm.

With the new xp what was the point of adding and retexturing the new radtowns? They will become ghost towns

I guess you will be still able to find important stuff for the beginning, such as weapons, hatchets etc, which you cant craft at the beginning but with an important factor to survive the first few hours.

Give them time to develop the feature.

I believe I read elsewhere that the monuments/radtowns will spawn items you need to build weapons, furnaces, etc.

I haven’t played with the new system but I hope some of the non essential items won’t block progression.

By this I mean I wouldn’t want to have to learn how to craft flags, signs and banners before being able to craft more “survival” related items.

I share this concern. The main reason I dislike ARK progression system is because you are forced into a myriad of useless items before you can learn to craft the things you want (that and being forced to re-learn each tier of building options). As long as I have meaningful choices and the entire tree is learn-able I could get behind an XP system. I am OK choosing to learn hatchets while my friend learns pickaxes to get to the end tier of each tool faster, or have each member of a clan specialize in a specific branch of an XP tree during the early stages of the wipe.

That said, I also hope they never lock necessities like code locks and armored doors behind a level requirement. It would suck starting of mid-wipe and have to lock my wood door with a key while everyone else is running around with AK’s.

The blue print system is fun and i think players enjoy running round collecting them not knowing what they may get

I hope this new xp system does not make it too boring to start with, at least with the blueprints you had a chance to progrees a little faster and it is fun not knowing what you will find

The XP system may let the high level players dominate the noobs knowing that they cannot really fight back with anything higher than a bow, it may piss players off to the point of rage quit

lets hope the XP system is implemented in such a way that its not boring or frustrating to play