XP System

Is the new XP System going to phase out blueprints? I’m pretty sure I read in one of the dev blogs that when you level up, you will automatically be able to craft certain items. So going of of this idea, I think it would be cool if there is a forced XP-Wipe every month along with the map wipe. It’s always kinda strange when on the first day of a normal wipe cycle, there are people who already have high tier guns, such as AK and Bolt Rifle. With the current system, it’s really easy for players who already know how to craft high tier guns, to get the resources to craft them. So if they wipe xp every month, then players would have to work to rank up to get those high tier items. Obviously then they would have to make it so ranking up isn’t to difficult and does not take to long. It should probably take about a week for a dedicated player to fully rank up. Is this a good idea?

I like the idea of leveling but I always thought you could level Sertain attributes like wood cutting to get more wood etc. I like keeping the bps because it makes the wipe cycle easier and you don’t lose everything so playing feels more worth it. But I do think levels should wipe with every wipe cycle or you keep 10% off your levels or something.

After cutting a certain amount of trees down… your character learns to swing horizontally lol

Yes! Lol

I too am a little skeptical of an XP system.

I think that player movement was best before the research table when you had to hunt and find BPs.

I like the xp ides if you keep basic equipment like axe and gates and such but still have to find blue prints for weapons

I wonder if you die do you restart on xp? Or keep it for the life of the server.

I think I read that it’s persistent after death…or it’s suppose to be.

The XP system will reward players that play a lot luck is not gonna be a point anymore, everyone has to go through the shit tiers first before having stuff like AKs and bolts

So big clans in the end are going to have all the shit in no time because farming xp would be easy for big groups. Or xp the living shit out of one guy and make him the crafting hoehoe.

meanwhile me and Newman friends are still working out fire haha

xp will be a terror, if it reset is really pointless cheat… i can play really few time, and with BP i can do something some times… just upping i stop playing for good. I not spend all my weekend to see all gona out at the end of mounth. No way, rust are better when wipe 1 time in 6 mounths

I think the xp system is going to suck if they make it so you have to play a ton of hours to get guns I am gone I bet this game will die


I said if … retard

ITT people already complaining about a system that hasn’t even been finalized, let alone released, yet.

ouch but yeah I see where you are coming from

The game will die for sure because you and your twenty friends quit playing rust.

Shots fired.

The XP system in the game ‘7 days to die’ seems to work very well. I just hope the way they implement this in Rust is similar.

and i was like duh that system is retarded as fuck :smiley: funny to see other opinions