XP system

I like the idea of the xp system except that they are removing bps. I liked getting rare items like C4s from barrels and putting them in a research table and hoping to get the BP with a 30% chance. Getting skills like faster crafting or more gathering or faster growing would be a great use for the leveling system because the more you put into something the faster or more you get from it. Just my opinion, leave yours in the comments.


What happens to the researchbench???

Maybe there will be gear that you can’t learn like the normal stuff. High grade weaponry from airdrops and such.

Maybe fragments will still be a thing for research purposes.

I thought the XP system would be a lot of fun when my friend convinced me to try Ark, but it was the biggest reason I couldn’t get into the game. You can’t build anything useful until you grind out levels, and it makes early/mid game very frustrating. By the time it’s enjoyable, you’ve gained the levels you wanted and the only purpose it’s serving is to handicap newer players.

That’s the reason I like Rust exclusively. If someone has access to a particular blueprint, they either took the risk to find it/research it or traded for it. If an xp system is introduced, the most it should do is provide perks. Faster craft times, increased gather rates, etc. You know, stuff you’d expect your character to get better at through practice.

Well, your going to have to hit those nodes anyway to get a half decent home, by that time you will have tons of XP

if you watch the update feed you’ll see "Removed blueprint frag/pages/books

garry on prerelease"

Monuments will still be used for barrels etc to get the actual items… so say like an ak… but people cant just research it and have there whole team have an ak, just that one person will have it!, xp system is going to be really good, i didnt mind the bp system but the research table killed it… made it too easy

I’m a bit conflicted myself if I like the XP system or not, but what I think could be a good idea is to restrict how much XP it is possible to gather in one day. This way its not only about rushing to the endgame stuff. If done right, it would then be impossible to get the endgame stuff before a certain amount of time has passed by.

I disagree, if someone’s willing to put in the hard work to get to said endgame items then why can’t they have it?, if someone’s not willing to put the time in then that’s there problem… (I know most of us work but we can still find time…)

Maybe the XP leveling should increase as your XP level increases.

If the XP means that people will still be using he BP system as it is but also gain blueprints by time or farming anyway so that even players who have a top-of-the-mountain far from everything recluse lifestyle will eventually get all BPs then I am all for it. I would like to see research table used to learn BPs from scratch with a durability limit on the items crafted at first or some other system similar.

I hate app games that do this, I’ll hate pc games that do it too.

My reasoning behind this was to conserve the “primitive” feel of rust a bit longer than the first 1-2 days. Now people mostly rush to guns, and running around shoting within a few hours. I was hoping something that constricted this a bit, and let us have some bow&arrow fun a bit before this happens.

Then fill the gaps with meaningful content. Add more things before guns. Limiting how much we can play is a sure fire way to shoot themselves in the foot, with or without guns.

I think it’s a good idea for rust to have a xp system. So you can level up.

If I’m looking at the bp system. I’m after 24 hours of game play an end player. Because the first things I’ll make are decent clothes. I never make burlap or leather clothes. When you’ve got decent clothes, you get more lucky to get good loot. And that’s what it is all about with the bp system pure luck of finding things. Sometimes I started at servers and the first blueprint I found was a C4 bp. Even the blueprint pages, books and library’s were pure luck an random to get some items.

Much clothes are never used. And who makes weapons with bones or even spears? OK, some players do make them and use them. But you don’t need to. Now I expect that you’ll need these things in your first levels to survive and you have to make burlap and leather clothes first.

Another disadvantage of the blueprint system was, even after being an end player, it took ages to find some good things like attachments of weapons or some weapons like a rocket launcher. And than again sometimes you’ve got lucky and you’ve got these blueprints of attachments in the beginning of the game. When you couldn’t make weapons yet!

Not only I’m expecting you need to make more things in the early levels. But if you’ll make it as an end player, it would be easier to obtain more attachments or end play weapons. Without looking or searching them for ages. Or before the next monthly wipe, so you could start all over again.

I currently as well posted a topic of xp/leveling. Everyone has there own opinions yes, but i believe along with many others this xp system will ruin rust. It was perfect the was it was without adding in the (to much of a game feeling to it) wish they would not implement this xp system. Kinda takes away what made rust one of the best games. Rust is basically the only game i like. And this xp system is gonna ruin it for me

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As well if do implement this xp system, should have servers without xp system for us who wish to keep playing without it.

That’s a job for modders.

OMG are you really 23 years old? Every change in live has got people who are for it and against it. And every time there are those who are against the change, but they don’t know why. So they want to give their opinion more power by bringing a community of disbeleavers into the picture that doesn’t exist. Oh yes there are more people against this change, but gamemajor21 doesn’t know them personally. Because if he did, he wouldn’t write “I don’t like it.” He should write “we don’t like it”. The only argument you’re giving is this is the only game you like. And yet again that’s probably not true. The only thing you want here is to play with the emotions of the devs. If we’re going to change the game, we’re going to hurt this man!

Than again you’re afraid the new xp system is going to ruin your game fun. And this is the only thing you should have said. Because this is your truth.

And maybe you are 23 years. Because if you were younger, you’ve probably wrote “please, please, please,…” as well :wink:

i allready stop playing… if somehow xp system go off. i back… for now i changed the game, because XP system are stupid