Xplay Help

I wanted to know if there is ANY way of getting Xplay to play video files from my computer. Maybe streaming somehow?
If there is no way to do this then is there another addon capable of it?

Xplay can’t it might be possible to lua coder but you will lag like hell. Since it requires you to upload to video at around 3-5mb/s upload speed so you ping goes to 999 and most people don’t even have that upload speed.

While feasible it’s not advised.

You could try a network Symlink or for the less tech method Dropbox :slight_smile:

Dropbox the media file on the server and the one on your pc and it will work nicely. Although, this is only possible if you have your server on a dedicated box.

Ok, is there a website where i can upload long video clips and then put the link into Xplay?

vimeo.com or just look in the dropdown list where it says “source” i believe in Xplay it lists all the websites that it can play, just look around on those.

Or have a good youtube account and get permission to upload videos longer that 15 minutes (you dont have to be partner)

Ok thank you I will try that :slight_smile: