XQM Coaster Tracks into hammer?

Is there any way to get the xqm coaster tracks in hammer? I like the lua coaster tool alot but it just doesn’t allow you to shape a real one with much precision and keeping realistic movements. Figured with these tracks in hammer you can make awesome coasters that fit right in your map. You can even make underground ones and add loads of scenery in it too. Maybe even a real lift. Triggerpoints for extra’s etc. I do have PHX railroad prefabs into hammer so i’m sure this should be possible. But I can’t find where or how.

Any ideas?


This would be a bit more difficult. You’d need to know what the entity names are, and how they are connected. you may want to talk to the author of the mod about it.

Entity names? Author? I thought these props came with gmod? I had them in gmod12 too.

I’ve seen the phx track props in hammer, I just need the xqm coaster track props there too.

Have you got any idea where to start looking? Maybe there is a prop to hammer compiler or whatever lol.


He’s talking about the prop library of coaster pieces.

OP, this is theoretically possible, it just might be hard to get the pieces aligned.

I’ve done it myself, unfortunately these pieces do not properly align to eachother on the hammer grid, so you cant really make good tracks

Oh well if it’s the props he wants just mount the vpk in gameinfo.txt

Yeah i’ve thought about this. Some loops etc don’t fit right onto the straight tracks. But with some dragging you maybe can make the brushes fit so the coaster sliders can run smooth over it.

Hmm I think i’m getting what you’re saying. Will look into that. Thanks.

Also: Wouldn’t it be easier to use these tracks as prop_statics instead of brushes in the view of map performance?