XQM - Model Pack in Progress(Screens & Updates Inside)

Edited Information

XQM Is Now Included in the PHX SVN

Check the PHX thread for more details.


Well, I started work on this over a month ago and have made steady progress, slowly because I haven’t put full attention to it, but it seems to be working out okay so far. I use PHX in almost everything I make in Garry’s Mod, but there was always one problem. The pieces were always too big. So I figured that I would make a model pack similar to PHX, but smaller.

This is that model pack. So far, I have around 106 models with plenty more on the way. There will be an assortment of panels, curves, pipes, poles, and parts. After I finish every model I planned on making, I would happily take requests in this thread for more models to be added to the pack, please only take in account of models useful in everyday construction.

Here’s a Preview:

Check later posts for recent Picture updates.

Update Information:

•Triangle Pieces
•Pod Remake
•Changed Texture on Curves and Square Poles
•Quad pieces
•Jet Tails
•2nd Jet Wing Pieces
•Different Turbo Fan, Afterburner, and Turbo Fan Engine Sizes
•Jet Bodies
•Helicopter Rotor
•Cylindrical Pieces
•Passenger Ship Example(Made of Jet Parts)
•New Propeller
•Airplane Wheels
•New Texture on Triangle, quad, and rhombus pieces
•Desaturated Texture on Jet tails and wings
•1st Piston type pieces
• Every prop with Sizes have 1 size bigger (minus the old Jet Body)
• Added the Coaster Train and 1 track piece
• New Jet Body - 4 different pieces, with different sizes, and model as a whole in different sizes.


Check the rest of the thread for picture updates, this post will be updated a lot more sparingly.

¤¤¤¤2nd Beta Released¤¤¤¤

Remember, it is in BETA, changes will be made.



Release Thread:


There is an Alternate Download in the release thread.

2nd Beta. SVN next.


Although in my opinion there is only one PHX mod. Sure you can make modifications or even base the same concept but the majority of the community probably uses PHX.

Will you consider a different material?

Yeah, I expect people will stay with PHX, but it is still nice to be able to use smaller stuff. It seems easier to make more complex stuff and stay relatively small in size.

Different material on what?

I agree, it would be interesting to see people make go-karts or something instead of a massive spaceship.

Your texture on the curves seem a bit… Off. :silent:

Yeah, it started off as a metal texture similar to metal floorboards on trucks. But, it turned out to look more like marble with indents. I might decide to change it, but I like how the normal map turned out to work wonderfully with it. I “might” change it.


Edit: Some New Models, mostly 1st version of a plane wing.

Good job quake.

Now please make me those chairs and beds that were usable like you promised :stuck_out_tongue:

Ha just kidding.

I would get this just for the turbo-fan engine, you did make that right?

Yeah, I made it. Thought it would be nice for a plane or something else. I am currently working on other parts as well.


I finished an afterburner, and 1 chair. After making another chair and maybe some triangle panels I will update again.

Finished my version of a hoverboard. Going to make multiple skins for it, each animated. Will get started on triangle panels soon, after I get back on Sunday.

Nice! Theese really look good.
When are you going to release the first version?

Umm… seems that some of the pics were lost?

Posting again:

Hoverboard’s flames glow(animated)

Chair that needs to be fixed when spawned, might make another. A friend wants a rolling chair model.

The afterburner.

Changed the Curves’ and Poles’ textures. Pics soon.

These are amazing! I hope these get released soon so my future to build jet will look beautiful! Thanks for putting in time and effort and your experience with no doubt is amazing. Good luck!

Also for a request maybe you can add the tail of a jet? That would make this model pack that much more sweeter.

Looks a little like PHX, but here is some new stuff

Can’t wait to this is out

Sure, the tail of a jet will go just fine with the pack. I will include it with some other parts.

Finished a Remake of the Pod, different sized versions of the Engines(will do same with afterburner), and some more triangle pieces. Will update pictures after a few more triangle pieces and parts.


Just finished basic triangle pieces, a few rhombuses, and some odd quadrilateral pieces. Update pictures soon.

Getting started on more plane parts and possibly another vehicle or something else on my agenda.

I hope this won’t be a lag fest like PHX.

Awesome! When do you think this will be released? Like a rough estimate?

It isn’t lagging me, but you can’t take one person’s account for everyone’s experience. When the beta is up, I will gladly take criticism, especially if it lags you. If it does end up lagging you, I will reduce the poly count on the props that cause it.

Anyway, time for an update.

The Pod remake.(usable vehicle) Top of the pod has correct collision. You can fit a pole sized object through it, to sort of “hang” it. (tried super icing both, worked nicely)

Different Quads and Rhombuses.

New texture on the curves.

New texture on the poles, needs a better SS for detailed comparison.

The triangle pieces.

4 sizes of a Jet Tail.

4 sizes of a new Jet Wing.

Different sizes of the Turbo Fan.

Different Sizes of the Engine.

Different sizes of the Afterburner.


Hmm, would rather not estimate a release because I can’t promise that it would be met. But, I can say I plan on a beta sometime in the next week and a half. Hopefully. I need to organize the spawn lists first. When the Beta is out, expect changes to happen to props already finished. It really just depends on how it turns out.

I want. I’ve always wanted plane parts. You’re awesome.

Use the default phx textures yours are terrible. They are too jumpy and you can’t concentrate. Or, edit them so they are less complex and more plain.

Oh really? Default textures on which models. If you are basing this off of the earlier pictures, read on down before you decide this. I changed curves’ and poles’ textures.

Plus, why would I use someone else’s textures on my own models. Especially without consent.
I don’t plan to use your idea.

Although, I do agree with you on Complex. Always end up making textures too complex. I have cut back a lot from the original materials. I am only looking at 1 or 2 materials I might change. But only for a more “simple” look, like you suggested.