XSI 7.5 doesn't import SMD's correctly?

I’ve tried importing a view model into XSI, but every time the weights get messed up, and when I move certain bones it deforms like crazy and makes a bunch of spikes everywhere. I’ve heard that getting an SMD from a decompiled MDL can screw things up, is there any way around that? Will it be impossible for me to make a custom view model in XSI?

you can make one from scratch or you can tinker with the weights till it looks right.
I don’t think decompiling from a .mdl makes it lose the weight data however.
it’s probably xsi. If you are new you can switch to blender or milkshape. But 3dsmax is a far better choice (compared to milkshape).

This will happen to some models when they are decompiled and imported to XSI but strangely it doesn’t affect all of them, try finding another one that you like if you can’t fix the one you’re currently using and see if it works any better.

The Blender importer is horrible, and for some reason I can’t stand 3DSMax. I am pretty good with Maya, but the exporter doesn’t work correctly. I really don’t want to learn Milkshape, it just seems like such a hassle to re-learn everything. Um, what now? Should I force myself to learn 3DS?

3ds exports and imports smd’s great. you should definitely work on getting better in it.

Well sometimes it looses smoothing groups but other than that yea of the exporters around it is probberly the best and the tools seem much more professional (if thats the right word). It’s still too expensive for me though so i’m sticking with Milkshape :stuck_out_tongue:

7.5 doesn’t support the valve addon , that could be a reason why