XSI and Colisions...


So here’s the deal… I’ve been struggling to create proper colision models for ages now, and every attempt so far has failed.

Putting $concave doesen’t seem to help, and the most i managed do, was making a U shaped phys model for a minor prop.

All i get is the automaticaly generated colision model, no matter what i try.

Could someone give me a step by step guide on how to make XSI export colision models properly? (And/or what am i doing wrong with it, but that later)

Yea that stuff is a bit tricky…

Have an example with a concave model :wink:


I had to set the concave command in the qc because the model is concave!
Also make sure the collision model parts are merged to one single mesh.

If the images don’t load, just write a PM!

I can’t believe it took me a week to get Steam running again.

Whoa, it worked. Not sure what i always did wrong.
What about hollow models though? Like an emptied sphere, how do i do that?

Well, I havn’t tried something like this before,
but I think you just place quads which surround the borders, like so:


Damn. Could you give it a try? I tried doing that with no results (With and w/o merging the objects), chances are i missed something.