XSI - Fixing CSS weapons for Gmod

Ok, for the last few days I’ve been trying to figure this out with no luck.
I have followed this Guide.
My errors are; the physics model, I checked it in Source SDK model viewer and it was way out.
Also every time I move away from the model, in the hands of a person or not, it disappears.
Any help at all would be greatly appreciated.


use the reference as a physics model.

That made a problem of its own now, when I spawn it as a prop, it automatically becomes invisible.

Are you compiling to the right engine?
Are your vmt’s made for vertex lighting?
Is there any errors in the console when you spawn it?

I’m compiling to Orange box, Episode 2 with out any errors.
the VMT’s are setup for “VertexLitGeneric”.
There is an error in my console actually,

Error Vertex File for ‘weapons\w_hkg_mp5_v3.mdl’ checksum -1090873018 should be 958458190
One of the models is working now but still disappears when you move away from it.

Fixed the vertex error by recompiling again, and the models disappearing by deleting the lod settings in the .qc file and the lod file. Just bumping to let people know how to fix if they haven’t already.