XSI help!!

Xsi works fine its just the ValveSource Tool, the Exporter doesn’t work for some reason and i need help!

Please Respond to this thread thank you!


I use XSI 7.5 with ValveSourceAddon 6.01 and it works without error. Maybe you can give it a try.


Any other suggestions please i really need this fixed

Can Someone please explain to me how to fix this please…


I never look in my Plugin Manager because all work fine for me. Well now i did it and look at this:


But to my surprise, I’ve been working with it for years that way.
Have you never tried the exporter? I mean, it works fine for me with the errors in the Plugin Manager.
Maybe it’s just a display error. :slight_smile:

Well do you how to fix it. literally don’t have a export button…like it disappears. Please help!!!