XSI help

Once I’ve textured my model in XSI (7.5) using several different images, how do I make them all one image with a single UV?

I learn it ages ago when I first started but I cannot for the life of me remember how to do it and I can’t find the tutorial which showed me.

Thanks in advance.

As far as I can remember this should do it:

Place two or more lights in your scene to light up the model then setup the following as you wish:


And finally hit “Regenerate Maps…”

This process might take a while, depending on the texture size and the sampling rate.

Also try playing around with the options on the bottom and other light sources, so you can get familiar with these;)

Sorry for the late reply.

Once I’ve done all that stuff and I click “regenerate maps” I just it from one side.

So sometimes it’s the texture from the top view, other times it’s from the side etc.

What am I doing wrong…?

In UV click on the new button and go to UV(Polymesh)…
It will layout all the polygons flat…

Nope, still doesn’t work.


I’m guessing I should have mentioned I have several meshes…


Yeah i want to know how to do that too.
The method i use is annoying.When i’m done modeling in XSI i export an OBJ and edit the UV’s in Zbrush 3,5.

You have to merge all the meshes to one…

But if I do that the texture is lost.


Ok… I’ve done that but it’s not like anything I wanted.

Is there a way I can choose where certain things go?