XSI Mod Tool 6.01 ValveSource Addon Not Installing Correctly

I sure hope this is the right place to post this sort of thing.

My Computer’s Specs:

I’m wanting to start fixing and creating w_models for weapons in Garry’s Mod for quite awhile, so I thought I would try XSI Mod Tool. I’ve been trying to install the Valve.Source 6.02 Add-on for XSI Mod Tool 6.01 by following the instructions from this tutorial thread, but the “Valve.Source” tab does not appear at the top of the window like it should. I figured I must have been doing it wrong, so I browsed FP and searched on Google for answers, but none of the results matched my problem.

Here’s how I’ve been trying to install it:

  1. I start up XSI Mod Tool 6.01 from my desktop.
  2. Once it loads, I select the ‘File’ > ‘Add-on’ > 'Install…" tabs.
  3. I look for the Valve.Source Add-on which is located in C:\Softimage\XSI_6.01_Mod_Tool\Addons, and I select the ValveSource.6.02.xsiaddon file.
  4. I install the addon and it prompts me to restart XSI Mod Tool.
  5. I then exit XSI Mod Tool and start it back up again.
  6. After everything boots up again, the “Valve.Source” tab does not show up.
  7. Some error messages pop up sometimes before and after installation. This is just one of them:

There was also another error that popped up before I reinstalled the Mod Tool:

I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled the add-on several times, but I can never get the “Valve.Source” tab to show up. I attempted installing SoftImage Mod Tool 7.5 with the same add-on the exact way I did with XSI Mod Tool 6.01. Of course, the “Valve.Source” tab did not show up either.

Is there a newer version of the add-on that might work? Am I installing the add-on incorrectly? If anyone can help me out with my problem, I will be very grateful. Thanks!

Note: I am a visual learner so I learn best by seeing step-by-step screenshots or specifically detailed instructions.

If it installed Successfully it should be up top

idk what else is going on ive never had a problem with the addon installing

That’s weird…is your add-on 6.02 as well or is there a newer version? (Or is 6.02 the latest?) Do you remember how you installed it?

i went to file -> addon -> install -> valve addon -> install

Hmm, that’s exactly what I did… I went into the Plugin Manager and it shows that it has been installed, but it appears that a file is corrupted for some reason. Here’s a screenshot I took just now after I installed it and restarted XSI Mod Tool:

I placed the red arrow to point out the file that appears to be corrupted hence the red triangle. Also notice that the “ValveSource” tab still does not show up. I’m completely lost. :tinfoil:

Hmm try installing the one that comes with Source SDK (steamapps/username/sourcesdk/xsi)

Alright, I uninstalled 6.02 and installed the one that came in the sourcesdk folder, but I get these errors:

As you can see, the VMFExport tab is selected, but there’s no drop-down menu. There is also another corrupted file. I’d really like to know what might be the cause of this. :suicide: