XSI Mod Tool 6 Transformation Issues

I’m using XSI Mod Tool to fix world models, as per this video: Crotch World Model Fix Tutorial - YouTube

When I push C to rotate it, and try to manipulate it, it updates the value in the transform menu, but not the actual model in the view panel. It used to, and I don’t know what to change to make it do that again.


That’s an example. It’s displaying this behavior on a brand new, fresh install of XSI Mod Tool 6.0 as well. If anyone can give a fix or another program that accepts the valve source addon that isn’t as stupid, that would be amazing.

Thanks, Zeph

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It also appears to only display this behavior on imported smd’s, as primitives rotate and translate normally.


You can’t rotate a rigged mesh, that’s why it is rigged to a bone. if you want to rotate it, use the bone where the weapon is rigged to.
If you want to rotate the weapon-mesh without the bones use the point tool and select all points of the weapon and then use the rotate tool.

I hope i could help you.

PS. sry for my english

I can rotate them, but I have to do it by manually entering values in the right side. I can’t rotate them or move them by dragging the arrows when I push c, v, etc.

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Okay, I’m retarded. I needed to delete the bones before attempting to rotate.