XSI Mod Tool 7.5 SMD Exporter missing?

I’m currently learning to model in XSI Mod Tool with the ValveSource plugin (v6.02) but there is no SMD Export option in the plugin menu…


Does anybody have a working version for Mod Tool 7.5?

You have to install it, you can find the plugin, called ValveSource.0105.01.xsiaddon, in the XSI folder in the SDK Content in your Steam/steamapps/(yourname)/sourcesdk folder (if you haven’t got the SDK/SDK content, download them from the Steam tools tab as you are gonna need them).

(The plugin is also in the actual Mod Tool files but it’s so well hidden I can’t find it again).

Then in XSI there is some sort of install option in the file menu but other than that I can’t remember exactly how to install it.

Alright I’ll try that version… The version I’m running now is the very latest one according to the developer wiki.

Where did you get the version you have?

Just a heads up: there’s been reports of problems with the Valve plugin for XSI 7.5. Some have recommend sticking with XSI 6, which you can find on Mod DB.

It’s also fucking annoying because 6 Doesn’t want to open my 7.5 files.

Why doesn’t valve or some guys actually make the addon work with 7.5 ?