XSI => SMD help please?

Ok so I’ve been having a terrible time at it today, searching and searching for an SMd exporter for XSI, only to discover I cannot use it with my 64bit system.
So I was wondering if anyone with XSI could export a file for me to an SMD, then send it back?
I’d be extremely grateful.
Here’s the link: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=VFMKIREQ
Again, thank you in advance to anyone who can do this for me.

Ill do it

umm it says:

You are Trying to Load a scene with an unsupported version
This software supports scenes from version 108 to 700
Actual scene version: 700
Please try to load it from version: 900


Thanks a lot for giving it a try, but I’ve managed to sort that problem out now :slight_smile:
Now I’m stuck trying to skin it and make it a skin for cs:s.
But seriously, thanks for giving it a go :smiley: