XtraGaming.Co.Uk Semi-Serious RLRP

Here at Xtragaming.co.uk we had the idea of creating a “Real” Semi Serious Roleplay,
So we set up a server, like normal. But one thing we realised was that there was nothing to differentiate us from other servers, and thats when we began coding unique scripts to enhance your gaming experience!

Our main feature is our Vehicle Saving System.

Eric the “Cardealer” will sell you cars at reasonable prices. And the good thing is, you don’t have to buy them again!
Yeah, thats right. We have a car saving script!

Q.What Happens if the server Crashes, will i lose my car?
A.Nope, the car storage system will save it for you automatically.

Q.But what if someone steals my car? Is that $25000 gone?
A.Nope, because our players work hard for their car. We let them keep it.
Just go back to Eric and store your car. Then you can take it out again!

Q. What do i do if i can’t afford a car? Do i walk everywhere?
A. For now you will, but in the future we are thinking of adding a public bus!

Q. Can I fit a friend in my car?
A. Yes! Certain cars are 2 seater! Also there is a truck available, which can fit many players in it.

  • We also have a Mayor assassination script, which was inspired by PERP. Crooks have to work together to elimate the Mayor, and in reward gain $250 but are automatically wanted! The current assassinated Mayor is automatically demoted. Although, this is not as easy as it sounds, because players can roleplay as the ‘Mayors Guard’ whom have the sole occupation of defending the mayor. No matter what.

  • Ever performed an amazing robbery and the player disconnects? Well not with this script!
    Because when you leave, your money printes stay and have their owner set as “N/A” showing it’s not owned.

  • We also have one special entity, its called the Drug Plant. It’s a plant that levels up every 180 seconds, it needs water in order to survive, and if you look after it to the end, you can make a ludicrous amount of profit.

  • We have a clerk within the KFC of EvoCity who sells meals, at a price, to the public. Although HungerMod is currently switched off, we will be improving the HungerMod and making this clerk of more use.

  • The CP also has a SGT within the Government HQ who supplies them with patrol cars to keep order in the city.

  • Anti-Cheat and clientside script system which stops the majority of hackers, aimbotters etc from ruining your fun!

  • Our own custom HUD, which can be toggled on and off. This adds some variety to DarkRP, and gets rid of some of the nasty graphics!

– The server has PHX3 SVN installed, PCMOD 1.2, DurgzMod and all the basic DarkRP enhancing scripts aswell. –

What we are working on:

  • Currently, we are setting up FastDL, which should be done tonight or tommorow night. EDIT: FASTDL FINISHED
  • The HungerMod system, which I explained earlier
  • A fuel system for cars
  • Speedometers for cars
  • Premium User system
  • More custom entities
  • Public transport in the city
  • Gambling system? NPC’s act as casino dealers? Need feedback regarding this, please.

What we need:

  • We are looking for dedicated players, and mature roleplayers to help administrate the server.
  • Suggestions! We can code a lot of your suggestions, so please tell us them!
  • Feedback. Seriously, please do not post unless you have useful feedback for us!

Finally thank you to Macendo for making this server possible, he has been a credit to the server by doing such an excellant job!




Oh crap some kind of server update?

Damn GOOD!

Yeahman, join us :slight_smile: !

This actually looks like a good server may have a look some time. But I see you didn’t see the sub-forum.

This will be interesting…

Mind if I try against it?

Sorry, last time I posted here that sub-section was not there.

It’s a basic script, so I am sure there is a way to get round it, but it prevents the majority of standard hacking scripts, such as wallhacks! :slight_smile:

I’ll move your thread.

Thanks buddy :slight_smile:

At first i was like oh another Darkrp edit :barf:
and now that I’ve read it and seen the screenies I’m like :v:

EDIT: You see what i did thar?

Thanks Steven :slight_smile:

One think we are working on is weapon storage, so that should reduce the minging :smiley:

Your server is very laggy, it seems very standard and most of the time people were simply arguing while sat next to a money printer.

There’s no real RP going on except with one guy that had to leave after 5minutes. For a serious RP, it isn’t very serious at all. Also it says “100% custom” in the title or something, well it isn’t.

You have a bad Anti-Cheat, very easy to work around your badly implemented hook checks and also it’s slow, even slob bot can work for a few seconds before being turned off.

With your anti cheat turned on to prevent ‘wallhacks’ we have the amazing ability to temporarily noclip around for 2 seconds before being placed back where we were. Care to tell me the point?

You’re claiming your server is good but really you’ve made an even laggier version of SEOW. Nevertheless, keep going as it may turn out decent so long as you remove the misleading claims.

Yes, I agree the server was laggy last night. I am not sure what this was down to, but other servers that where using my host expierenced the same problems.

The title is Semi-Serious, it isn’t intended to be exactly like real life.

The server contains ‘Beta’ which means we are ironing out bugs. In response to your NOCLIP I found this in the logs -

2010-01-28-18:47- AngryChairR❤’ (STEAM_0:1:22948301) has an unknown hook, possibly cheat. Hooked at CreateMove with name MingeBagAIMBot

Obviously you are using hacks, therefore you are a mingebad and had no intention of Roleplaying? Should I rest my case?

I do not understand what you mean by misleading claims, when it says 100% custom it is term of speech, not meant to be taken literally. I thought you may have realised this.

Duh… Saying “Semi-serious” suggests everyone has the ripped get a life mod characters, killing eachother with Kalashnikovs while there is some admin looking like Eulogy Jones noclipping while killing people with the microwave SWEP…

…You ripped open the floodgates of dumbasses, brace yourself as the swarms of minges rumbles the ground as they rush in to hump your lightposts and blow up toilets with their RPG:s…

Speak English and I might reply, twat.

(User was banned for this post ("Flaming" - Nori))

I would give you some kind of comeback, but the fact that you got banned is more satisfying…


Well, that’s pretty much it…

Wow, I got around the “Exploit” system my first try. Also, may I add the server seems to be lagging.

Edit: What the fuck, I buy a normal printer, gold printer, and a Drug Plant. Right after doing so the server crashes.

It just looks like DarkRP, to the extreme - money printers, drug plants and PHX.