XtraGaming RP

Why us?
XtraGaming welcomes you to our advertisement thread. XtraGaming has a dedicated team worknig to provide our guests with everything that a RP gamemode should have. Our aim is to create a server that everyone enjoys and has fun. The server is regulary updated, and our active admin team is always here to help you out, and ofcourse, enforce the rules.

Can’t even credit hunts when you have stolen so much code from PERP

You’re wrong, all of this was released in the lua section.
The inventory, ATM and cardealer from what I know.

The inventory was created for my server as a request, but it was made public. The ATM and Car Dealer are private though. It isn’t Hunt’s code, we just like the way he layed it out.

Yet most of it is 100% identical.

And change your avatars Justin Bieber is a tool.


Rating yourself? Pathetic.

What sets this server/gamemode apart from others if I may ask? Because as far as the gamemode goes, it looks like a clone of perp.

It is perp

yeah, everyone who made cars with buddy system is perp

Yeah and the VGUI is completely identical and it is basically the same.

Nah the paint shop image looks like DarkRP’s F4 menu.

It is a heavily edited DarkRP.

If you can Edit it THAT MUCH, why not make an entirely new one? I have nothing against DarkRP, and this edit does more than any other edit I’ve seen, but why not get a clean plate instead of scrubbing off a dirty one?

Because putting a new engine and body on a car is easier than building the car from scratch.

Good response.

I do like some aspects of DarkRP. Keep the good, take away the bad sorta thing :slight_smile:

Why not take the good things and put them into your own gamemode?

I can’t talk much as I own my own Darkrp server, (yeah yeah, heavily modified, very original inb4u)
but it’d be easier to do it from scratch, more cleaner and you’d probably get a wider player base too.

I’m actually scripting a rp gamemode with a friend and this is just a very small side project, mainly to steal some money for a good webhost/domain.

We wanted a server we could get up and playable relatively quickly. We have actually started on our own custom gamemode, though!