XtraGaming's Custom DarkRP Release

Hey guys, decided to release this. It’s an okay gamemode, but still DarkRP.

Everything you need to run the gamemode is detailed in the video, with a download aswell. Thanks guys.

I only see a couple of addons in the download, no gamemode. Did you forget to include it?

Just took a look and it looks like I did, refresh the video in about 5minutes and you should be able to get it.

On another note, I was on your server trying to make a video, but all the dam tools are banned!

I’m intrested in the NPC you guys used, I was about to make one myself and saw this. Figured it’s exactly what I was about to make, and I really have any derm of gui work.

What can I say, people are literally dicks. What tools did you need for a video?

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Edit -

Just got the gamemode, I’m going to get a drink and crack it open.

Feel free to use any of it :slight_smile:

Well I was making some traps, soo it would involve luring people into the building then brutally murdering them - I doubt you’d approve :stuck_out_tongue:

Lol, on paper I approve of a lot of things. Ironically I hate my own servers, there used by some not smart people. But if we don’t have rules like no traps people take it to far, it’s not fun and just annoying.

However, some classic fun traps can be done really well in RP.

Did you guys build this up from Monkey Powers MetroRP? Most of MetroRP was ByB RP :D. Only, he didn’t steal it he left and recreated it, or w/e arguments people want to use.

Yeah I forgot to put him in the credits. But it is built from Metro

Yay no more people asking for banks and vehicle shops to be made! Nice mate.

Got the vehicle npc working, fairly simple.

No idea how to make it call hooks for custom mods like VU or VC, I shall look into that tomorrow.

GUI on the NPC looks great, had to remove 1 part of the code which was designed to put players into the passenger seat if the drivers seat was occupied. Great idea, and I will tweak it tomorrow. But for some reason it wouldn’t let people exit passenger seats, kept forcing them back in :).

Did you ask BLT950 if you could use metrorp?

It was release publicly…

The OP didn’t take MetroRP with specific intentions of improving it for public release, they had a server and when it came time to close it they decided to release the work they had done. There is nothing wrong with that, and anyone who release a game mode should expect it’s users to improve upon them.

Also, the code in MetroRP was so amazingly tiny compared to that done here.

premium system dosnt work and you cant pickup any weapons and your only admin in the evolve admin system not the sandbox or darkrp system.

Premium system works. I’ll make it in OP telling you how to do it. Basically, create a new rank called “premium” and “Premium” for it’s display name, and assign people to that rank.

Make sure you have madcows and css realistic weapons installed. I’d rather provide support in the youtube comments, but whatever.

when i run this gamemode the lua cache couldn’t be downloaded its only this gamemode any help?

Turn off your FastDL

I really am not of fan of flaming, but I’ve seen you be such an idiot in so many gamemode release threads. I fear for XtraGaming as he replies to your issues.
Oh Oh funny time.

port 21 <3

PS: Yes, I’m bored enough to act like a dick.

Onto a more serious note, why are you releasing this? Did XtraGaming or w/e the server was called close down recently?

Not enough time to run it. I’ll probably release more stuff aswell over time

Well the Premium works but admins cant use the premium jobs. and hitman premium? how do you change the jobs that are premium.

and anyone can pick up world props or the npcs…

no prop protection …

if you try to set door door groups it does not work i get a hud draw vgui error in cl_init.lua

yea and that.