ya know what Gmod needs...

Garry’s mod REALLY needs a hinge tool like you know that thing that makes your door open so im posting this a challenge to a scripter or what ever to make it :slight_smile:

Its called a door tool.

Isn’t ballsocket doing that?

two ballsockets.

:smiley: im confused you want garry to make a hinge tool or some one els … that`s why there is this thing called “ballsocket” but you need two ballsockets :wink:

PS sorry for bad English i`m only thirteen :smiley:

if you want a hinge, use the ballsocket tool and always click on the prop that’s going to be the door holder first. where you click first is the prop that’s going to rotate on a large axis, where you click second is the prop that will rotate on a single point.

Thank god someone made this thread, I’ve been looking for this same thing for a long time.

Btw, that’s no friggin’ excuse! I’m 15 and when i was 10 I could spell better than that.
Unless you’re from a non english-speaking country, that’s not an excuse.

you use ballsokets to make a door,or you can just use the door stool which creates a ready made door

i think he means a sort of a toggle able weld
witch is a rather nice idea.

i already posted a thread with the EXACT same topic. search before you post a new thread