Yabba my ice coach

A little something I attempted to do. Failure or not you decide.

The video was very pointless, I did not understand what was trying to be accomplished in this video, and the amount of hud elements did not make it better. It could of used some editing. It had some potential though I would assume. It just wasnt very clear. 2/5, I would recommend trying this again.

The Cut Off Prevention was pointless.
Too many HUD things ( Health and Notifications )

If it’s your first video , it’s not a failure.
If it’s not your first , it’s a failure…

My first serious try to be honest. I deleted all my wire addons and the prop information still appears.

What if it’s his second?

It’s not bad for a first try :slight_smile:

My constructive criticism for it is that it’s too slow paced and random.

Also use cl_drawhud 0 to remove the hud.

He clearly says my iceling.

No. He copied it off a Gmod parody if I remember right. In that a zombie said Yabba my Icing.

look at his channel. this is WAYY past his first video.

It’s official, I’m moving to Canada.