Yacht props

I’m creating a map that takes place on a yacht, I’m curious and hopeful if someone or some people may be interested in creating custom content for the map? You can find more about the map itself in the mapping forum. Contributors would be credited as you’d expect.

Some of the props that the map can use right now include
-reclining deck chairs
-pilothouse controls (each piece modeled separately)

It can also use custom textures as well, the most pressing one would be a teak deck texture.

i might take up some of this, though i have 3 or 4 other modelling projects going on. but this looks refreshing and i love working on mapping based stuff.

appreciate the interest, just reply back whenever you’re ready.

I got some stuff done…
-Teak Deck both bright and regular
-Lounge chair
-A random lever(more to come)
-Some gauge decals (just threw them in i didn’t know if you wanted to use them or not)

almost all is from scratch, except the lounge chair, it was a free model, i just did some texture work on it.

don’t mind the backround, just using a WIP map as a placeholder for lighting, etc.

deck prev:

deck prev (cont.)
chair prev:
lever prev:


wow, thank you so much. I was not expecting to receive anything so soon.