YakSax|DailyAir|FastCraft|HighDura|StarterKit|Acti veAdmins|No-Wipe

A no-wipe, PvP Rust server with daily airdrops, high durability on armor, weapons,
no decay on tools, Low rate of decay for buildings, fast crafting, starter kits, and voter kits.

We strive to have a server many people will love, therefore, our staff are actively moderating and
abide by the rules to create a safe and comfortable server. We encourage server feedback and
have multiple ways for our players to do such.

Sleepers Enabled

C4 and military grade items more difficult to find due to player feedback and to discourage server flooding.

Our server runs on Rust Essentials with Remover Tool and more.

Voice Chat (coming soon)


Really great server,man. Settings are great. :rock:

Server is all in order and the 1st airdrop starts in under an hour!

Very good server.

Forums added earlier and voice coming soon. Starting to have a small regular community, more welcome and server is still fresh.
Airdrops are hourly

if you are look for admins my friend and I would be happy to help.

Very Nice, Clan is having fun, hope to get more players here soon!