Yakuza Models Rigging Request ( Script Available )

As all of you know, Yakuza games are exclusive to the PS3, however, there is a script on the Xentax forums that can extract the models by chrrox, their format is GMD. Unfortunately, they are not rigged, Cra0kalo is working on a tool for the GMD format to support both mesh and bones for both Yakuza and Binary Domain ( Since it uses the same model format ) but there hasn’t been any updates on the tool yet for quite some time now…there has been some models that were custom rigged by eddiestolemywaifu but they are very few…

Yakuza has some rich models and I hope someone can extract more models and rig them. Thanks for reading.

Add me on steam and I can rig them for you. http://steamcommunity.com/id/GunCider/