Yakuza models?

Anyone got any Yakuza models?

You know, big asian guys in suits? (Sorry if that came out a bit racist)

Or maybe just ports from Yakuza 4 (AKA Ryu Ga Gotoku 4)?
I have no idea what engine the game is on, but I do know its a PS3-exclusive, so im not expecting anyone to instantly pick this up and work on it like its nothing.
This game right here:

Jeez…there really aren’t enough asians in Gmod. (Again, sorry if that came out racist. Also, anime stuff doesn’t count.)

How would any of that come out as racist?

I say anything that has to do with race, and my friends chew me out for it. I guess I’ve become somewhat cautious.

No more religious zealots as friends, thats for damned sure.


I support this. I’ve got a few Mafia style ragdolls, and it would be interesting to make a machinima with a war between the Mafia and the Yakuza. Well, either that or just some random and goofy images.

I guess this will be the last bump. If no one picks up on it, I’ll just let this go.

Maybe something similar to Hanzo from Predators?