YATRQ+ (Yet another tick rate question and more)

Trying to do some fine tuning and hope someone can point me in the right direction.

First some info:
Windows 2008 R2 (64-bit)
Intel Xeon E5-1620 v3 @ 3.50GHz (Quad-Core)
32 GB Ram
1Gbps port

**Servers that will be running:
Hide and Seek
EFT (Extreme Football Throwdown)

(24-30 players for each server)

Since I haven’t had our servers up for the past year I sort of forgot a lot and with all the updates not sure what has changed so I would like to know what would be the ideal for:

If there are any other settings I should add in my server configs I would greatly appreciate that info as well!


Tickrate controls how many times a server refreshes per second. More Tickrate WILL use more CPU … and the Xeon is fairly up there.

Here is a good explanation of Tickrate:

For FPS, I am unaware that that has much to do with anything. It may Reduce server lag if you set a limit on clients FPS but this is unnoticeable

Well this one is the same idea, more you have the smoother gameplay

Deathrun (and, maybe, EFT) configuration:
-tickrate: 100 (any more tickrate is just a waste of resources, because cmdrate can’t be more than 100 and there’s no any other than player entities on Deathrun maps that need tickrate higher)
+sv_maxrate: 1048576 (this is kind of unsafe, because DoS’ers can abuse this, but I’m too lazy, and anyway, I’m running some servers with this rate fine)
+sv_maxupdaterate: 100 (tickrate) + 1
+sv_maxcmdrate: 100 (this calculated the same way as the maxupdaterate, but it’s restricted to 100 maximum)
+sv_mincmdrate: 1
+sv_minrate: 1
+sv_minupdaterate: 1

You do not need to touch ‘fps_max’. It does nothing.

Murder configuration:
-tickrate: default
+sv_maxrate: 1048576
+sv_maxupdaterate: 66 (this is the default tickrate) + 1
+sv_maxcmdrate: 66 (this is the default tickrate) + 1
+sv_mincmdrate: 1
+sv_minrate: 1
+sv_minupdaterate: 1

Don’t touch ‘fps_max’. Again.

Valve decided to delete ‘fps_max’ commands from servers. It exists, but does nothing. Actually, it’ll be good if we can set up ‘fps_max’ a few more than tickrate, for more stable server’s FPS.

Have a good day!

UPDATE: Added minimum values, changed rates a bit. (less lag, less resource waste, updateplz)

Setting a high tickrate on a deathrun doesn’t make any sense at all. You don’t need to calculate so often, you don’t have any bullets which needs to be checked with against hitboxes etc.

Please also note how tickrates work: If you have a tickrate of 100, the server will calculate changes every 10ms. However, if there is no new player data (or no phys things moving etc.) the calculation won’t return any new result.

My advise: Set tickrate as low as possible on gamemodes where you don’t need physic precision. A lower tickrate will give you more stability and reduce CPU usage on the server. But if you don’t have any problems with laggs or high server usage, I wouldn’t recommend touching the settings anyway.

Also, if it interests you, you can also take a look at the diff. The difference between 66 and 100 is not as much as 33 and 66. Between 66 and 100 there is a diff of 5ms, but between 33 and 66 it’s 15ms.
So e.g. if you change the tickrate from 66 to 100 you won’t notice it as hard as from 33 to 66 etc. More here to the misleading “FPS” https://www.mvps.org/directx/articles/fps_versus_frame_time.htm

More tickrate = better BunnyHop’ing. It’s important for Deathrun.

I always thought the typical surf/bunnyhop setting was 64 tick.

Default tickrate is 66. May be many surf/bunnyhop servers close to you using 64/66 tickrate, BHOP’ping is still way more comfortable at 100tick.

Updated my post. I’ve learned some new tricks :3

Deathrun ideally should run at 66 tick, I’ve always encountered issues when running deathrun maps at 100 tick (moving parts, timers, etc) because most maps were created for 66 tick CS:S servers.

Bhop and Surf is always 100 tick.

Hide and Seek and Murder are nice at 66 tick but they still play fine at 33.