Yay! A blue screen! (Ahh, crap, what'd I do?)

Hi Facepunch users,
This has been going on for a while now, at least since the new update (Multicore support and whatnot). I’ve BSOD’d out of gmod going on 5 times with no indication as to why it has happened. I checked back here the second time it happened and found out that my drivers might be out of date. After updating my drivers, I still experienced these crashes. I’ve also tried reinstalling Gmod and closing certain less important background processes, but to no avail. My system specifications are as follows:

CPU: Athlon 64 x2 7750 BE (OC’d to 3.1 ghz)
GPU: XFX GeForce 9600 GT (First two crashes were on dual gts 260’s)
RAM: 4gb PC2-6400
HDD: Samsung 320gb SATA2
OS Version: Windows Vista HP x64 (SP2 Updated)

I really hope someone out there can help me. If any more details are needed, I will provide them on request. Please no “Get a new computer”, “Get a new OS”, or “update your drivers” comments please. I know my hardware is a bit dated, I’ve NEVER EVER EVER had problems with Vista EVER, and the manufacturers haven’t released a new driver since I updated. Any help is appreciated.
Thanks, MrWhite

well i used to use my moms computer and when i could only go on gm costruct and gm flatgrass maps if i tried to go on css maps for example it would display that god forsaken screen. does it blue screen you when you first enter gameplay or does it do it randomly during gameplay?

Randomly as far as I can tell.

has it always done this? like when you first got a brand new copy with no addons?

Nope, it started after the most recent update, but still not for a while.

User level apps can’t cause BSOD’s, the most they can do is trigger a bug in the kernel (where the drivers live)

Disable automatic restarts, and the next time it happens write down the faulting module and code (e.g. IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL) listed in the BSOD.

Okay, will do, and it should perhaps also be noted that the system does not perform an auto reboot as it has in the past with minor crashes.

have you tried verifying system cache for gmod?

No, I have not, I’ll do that and update with the results after my computer defrags C:/ and MSE finishes its scan. Thanks for the tip!

BSOD is hardware issues usually. AMD is a hardware issue in its own right.
Don’t do multi threading in the game.

Well, as you know White, i used to be on wireless, and GMod would lag, (jitter) and would often BSOD, it wasn’t until i had wired connection that i stopped BSOD’n. Until you can narrow it down by disabling auto-restart, and jotting the errors down, trial and error might be your best bet. You’ve already tried new GPU, so it might just very well be something else.

PS- It’s usually hardware, so don’t worry about much of anything else.

What about your power supply can it deliver all the required power? You could try to go on Tom’s Hardware forums (it’s a tech forum) they could probably help you.

Use the Microsoft Debugging Tools for Windows (X86 or X64) to analyze the minidumps created by the BSOD. It takes a bit of digging, but you can find the cause of nearly any BSOD with that toolset. Just google for “analyze BSOD minidump files”
Doing this, I discovered a FireFox plugin 4 years ago that was BSOD’ing my system! I removed it and I have had a grand total of one BSOD since.

Just do this…

Well, thanks all for the input. I think I’ve found the culprit. My hard drive hasn’t been defragged in over a year, and looking at it, its about 80% fragmented, which would explain the BSODs and the slow loading times for most of my larger programs. As far as a PSU, my 500 W puts out more than enough for all my stuff, and AMD has always been a signal of smooth stability as far as CPUs are concerned. I’ve never had an issue with any of my AMD processors, and I will be sticking to AMD for the foreseeable future given their affordability and my apparent luck with them.