Ye olde spy check...with a TWIST

Yo whats up, just a little comic strip type thing.

Meh, whatever, C&C if you want.

Lacks wittyness, but it was well posed, and abit amusing, like when a squirrel wears a pirate hat, even though you’ve seen it once before.

What happens next? :q:

It was a funny idea, but posing could’ve been a bit better.

Friendly bump.

Come on guys, I didn’t spend an hour + to get three comments on it. :frown:

uhh don’t have characters looking at the camera, even in a comic. it’s basically a repeat of the previous panel.

and time won’t make it stop being unoriginal.

Well i found this funny, reminds me of an old comic i did. Great job.

Reminds me of some of the older cartoons I used to watch, good job.

tea party

It’s just a joke man, lighten up a bit.

And thanks everybody. I just don’t like watching my work going unnoticed.