"Yea, there's some snipers out there." A Recon OP realizes there are snipers out there


It’s been a while since I last did a screenshot so I may have regressed.


Immediatly after you hear someone yell “BOOM HEADSHOT” from the mic

You just made my day.

Finally got the Filesmelt link up…I hate you Tinypic.

I like the editing.

The entry hole looks a bit cheesed and I think I’ll need to add more splatter to my head shots next time.

Lol, nice :P.

I dig the blood effect.

damn filesmelt, cant see the pic!!
ill come back later or please switch to cubeupload or something, its happening to my threads too :confused:

Not in the face… Soon they realize the iceberg wasn’t anything for Titanic.
Nice editing.