"Yeah, give us the go-code." Rebel AA team in position

Before remembering the Enhanced citizens, I first tried posing the original rebels with fuckload of restrictions and it made me cry.
Enhanced citizens made my day, so thanks to the guys who worked on them.

Didn’t really notice that much off in the final cut, but if you see anything, you know what to do.
I didn’t remember any good tuts on editing propels so they look shite.

Gonna be hard shooting down aircraft with a Javelin, but awesome picture anyways. The foreground is a bit overly darktoned but overall it gives a nice atmosphere that suggests concealment but also isolation. Nice work.

You’ve gotta make do with what you’ve got, thanks.

Yeh I get that, it’s a cool concept n all… but it’d be so impossible to hit an aircraft with a Javelin. Even an RPG-7 would be easier.

I’m pretty sure there are Stinger and SA7 models around.

Yeah, it was an impulse when I just chose the first one I found and it didn’t really even come to my mind but now. Then again I checked wikipedia and it said this:

I’m pretty sure they end up missing the target and getting blown to crap anyway.

Nice shading and posing.

But if you somehow succeeded you’d be the most badass AA squaddie in the history of modern warfare so it HAS to be worth a try.

Looks great man.

What map is this on?

Or you die in a glorious explosion.

dm_radioactive. But the water tower and the floor are the only things in stock.

But you can do it in MW2 and I believe Infinity Ward because they’re always right.

Javelins can infact engage aircraft.

Did you read the earlier posts? We already established that:

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It would be more fitting for a Stinger or such, as already addressed, but my friend shot down a heli in Arma with a javelin, it was pretty awesome and like 1/1000 chance. Great shading also and the posing is well done.

like i said
javelins can shoot down aircraft

Not if someone fucks up in the other end of the supply line.
If it’s possible in the regular army, it’s possible in a ragtag rebel guerilla force.

I’m sorry but they don’t ship out $125,000 launchers with individual $80,000 missiles to the wrong teams by mistake.

“Oh hey sorry we ordered the wrong weapon from the wrong company and shipped it to the wrong team my bad :downs:”

Using that excuse for a “ragtag rebel guerilla force” makes even less sense. It’s not like they’ve got hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of guided missile launchers just lying around to hand out without a care in the world.


Yeah sure the “direct attack” mode technically means you could hit a helicopter… but do you know how ridiculously difficult that would be and not to mention what a waste of $80,000? You’d have a better chance of using an air-burst RPG at a fraction of the cost, but even that is hard as fuck (think how many RPGs are fired at ISAF helicopters every single day in Afghanistan and how many helicopters actually go down. Off the top of my head I think the UK has lost a single Chinook as a casualty to Taliban fire during the entire campaign and that was hit directly in the cockpit with an RPG… while it was stationary in a landing zone).

I don’t think there has ever been a documented case of a Javelin engaging and aerial target, let alone shooting it down.

Wave of a magic wand Ding Looks like someone just did.

Seriously? I don’t know and I don’t care, it’s a photoshopped screenshot of a videogame.
I could say that I don’t give a fuck but it’s nicer to invent a ridiclious excuse.

chic! i really like this one. :slight_smile:

Smartass geardos are watching you, take care… Pedantic, boring and useless.

Nice picture and great atmosphere. You could have fixed that girl’s jaggies though.

money doesn’t mean shit where it doesn’t mean shit