"Yeah I see your fish gun, put it down before you get shot. This is a contraband check."

In a weird alternative universe where the Tbonian People’s Republic of Tbonia is baby sitting multiple planets…


Also a bonus picture with the same theme
TPA Soldiers escort a suspect away who is involved with a public disturbance call.


[sp]Two things- I’m posing custom models that were meant for Esp wars thread but I wanted to expand and make a series of pictures with this theme. Second I haven’t played enough Zeno Clash to know if anything is right, these were just the best odd looking critters I have at the moment please don’t kill me.[/sp]

Once again and always, please give some C&C and advice on how I can improve for next time. :v:

Fucking humans, so racist.

Vote Regressive, against abortion, FOR KILLING BABIES!
that’s right… murder the shit out of those little alien babies…

God damn aliens. Coming to our planet and taking our jerbs.