Yeah,My Feeble step into LUA coding.

Not much of a Lua coding,as just replacing a model to make a swep easier to use.It’d be cool if i did know how to lua code.
Anyway,Downloaded the Ninja rope fix swep?
Becoming frustrated with those bottles shattering and stopping your epic spider man journey across gm_simplicity?
Well,This fix of a fix of an awesome Swep stops that.
The original swep had kunai at the end,resulting in an error.
The fix had fragile bottles at the end.making it hard to climb or fly around with minges in the server.
This one brings back a knife at the end.All you need is CSS.

Why not learn LUA more before you go releasing things?

Not sure an easily confused guy like me can.I was lucky to find the path where the model was listed.
I’m sure there’s a tutorial out there,but i’m lazy like that.

Why does it matter to you? If you don’t like it, don’t download it. All he wants is a little bit of constructive criticism, and maybe just to help out a few others who may need something like this.
I doubt it really bothers you that much.
I doubt mean any hard feelings or anything, I bet you’re a cool guy. But he has a right to upload the code even if it’s not great.

Not great? I hope you’re joking, he replaced a model path.

Okay, I’ll give you that. It was a very weak first attempt.

Fixed, and I didn’t download it. I have no reason to.

No grammar Naizing…
Love this one better than the orginal…

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Perhaps you could stop being so critically judging of others - especially when you have faults yourself. ‘Lua’ is a proper noun, not an Acronym.

Anyway, this is a good first attempt! Having released it, you are obviously proud of yourself, Shadico. I believe you should go ahead and learn some more.

I recommend starting by looking around some of the information on this page: GMod Wiki: Lua. You’ll find out some interesting things.
Once you’ve had a good look, you should read and follow theJ89’s Lua Tutorial. It’ll get you started on the right path.

If you ever need to know something, the Wiki is your friend. Just go to google and enter “ SEARCH STRING”, where SEARCH STRING is what you want to search for.
Example: “ player kill”.

If you think you’ve made something good, show it to your friends. If they think it’s good, release it! Don’t be afraid of the harsh critics, as they can do nothing but fill up your thread with useless posts. You won’t get banned for releasing something… (unless it’s Warez or stolen). Hey, you might have something impressive, and it may get thousands of downloads!

Also: Don’t forget to credit and link to authors who assisted or provided works you can derive from. Not listing them will just get you flamed - most likeling getting you and the uncredited person banned (lolconna).

Good luck! :wink: