Yeah... of course I can help you to upgrade your turret...

The third and the last one today.
Hope you enjoy! :smiley:

Engineer is very stretchy today.

Wtf is with engies left arm?

engineer’s posing is poor and the spy’s left arm and torso bug me, but i like the leaning pose as a whole. angle could be better.

try and get your posing a little more realistic - even though tf2 is a cartoony game, exaggerating poses don’t work out too well with it.


also, don’t use simple dof, ever. use super dof. if you can’t get it to work, disable multicore rendering. i think there was some other setting too, no doubt someone else can help you with that.

Thanks for your comments! Yeah, the posing is not the best of the picture… I tried to focus in the humoristic situation of an spy with only a mask deceiving a blind engineer :smiley: