"Yeah, pounce that you creep" Nick killing a hunter

People got sick of my close-ups so I tried to do something more badass :v:


It looks like he killed the hunter by accidentaly bumping into him…

“Oh, Pardon me!”


Some other critism?

Shadowing looks a little heavy in places and too solid, like the folds in the arms of Nick’s suit. Makes it look quite cartoony.

Blood is a little too bright in comparison to the rest of the lighting.

It looks like the thumb is under the fingers in the fist.

Overall the pose looks quite unconvincing, a hooking punch and stabbing downwards at exactly the same time is a very odd way to attack.

Motion-blur is quite good.

Mmm kay gotta pay more attention the posing then.
I guess the picture got too dark again :sigh:

Is not THAT dark, but its quite dark mate.

I like the double combo tho, and the motion blur as Chesty said is quite cool.

Kay Thank you Santz :smile:

Lol using this for Hand to Hand competition? I did something similar, Francis Vs. Tank.