Year 1942

C&C please! :slight_smile:

Usually when there is so much ‘empty’ space in a picture I always point it out as a flaw, but this isn’t the case. It works here. The lighting serves the picture well and so does the composition. If I were you I’d make sure to somehow re-adjust the gun’s portrayal so it’s captured better by the viewer as a gun, here it seems a bit too thin and disproportional and out of angle. Also - but that’s just a matter of taste already, I’d work with little edits to clean out low polygon counts here and there. The gun’s scope for instance can be replaced with a more complete circle, and some of the clothes could also be easily smoothed out.

Overall great pic!

enemy at the gates? looks great

While I do like it, it’s still the same kind of thing again. It would be nice to see more than one guy at night in the rain. I think you could pull off a bigger scene, experiment.

The white part of the lower left of the eye should be darker and what vioxtar said about the polygon scope. Those are the only complaints I can think of. It looks a real photo if you step back from the screen. I think you’ve pretty much nailed everything.