Yellow grass

So today i think there came some kind of an update with the yellow grass stuff, it is very laggy for me and theres so god damn much and why…? I cant play cuz of it anymore, could u make something in the option section to like switch it on and off or just simply take it away? Idk if others have this but it is very annoying.

Grtz, Bawz

Its the same for me, but its not laggy, instead i get mayor texture bugs, i get black squear boxes sometimes and i get black texture bugs all over my screen also i can see trougt the ground sometimes and character can get black textures on them aswell, for example there was a black line that was hunting my friend it turned out to be a bear… please fix this cause its unplayable aslong as it keeps happaning.

Same here yesterday i was playing rust at around 30 to 35 fps in my 6 floors house. Added this grass iam down to 9 FPS!! This inst a rant or anything but i would really want and option to disable/enable this grass. Iam unable to play at the moment because of it!

I think i found a solution after trying to clean my unity cache i went to option and put Texture filtering to force on and now it works for me xD hope it helps!!

still doesnt for me :confused: i just hope they make that enable disable for grass soon cuz it just pisses me off :C

is the glitch similar to the one in this video?
it really sucks! but ive found that if you play in full WINDOWED mode the glitch is almost non existent.

mine just completely freezes for like 10 seconds during that time ppl can kill me without me noticing it then it shuts down and i hear like someone shooting/hitting at me i retry and boom fresh spawn :S

Just a thought but perhaps report the issues on the bug forums? We are testing so odds are some of this might do some good in the overall optimization of the game? :slight_smile:

Yes, the new grass foliage has definitely decreased FPS for me. I don’t think cosmetic changes like this are warranted at this point in the game. Shouldn’t optimization be the first priority?

The servers are down so maybe thats what they are fixing