Yellow names, broken player model,

Whenever someone joins my server, their name is in this horrible yellow color, can’t do anything, no jobs, nothing.
and they have a broken player model.

Nobody can play.
The error:

Hook ‘PlayerSpawn’ in plugin ‘Player Info’ failed with error:
DarkRP/gamemode/init.lua:80: stack overflow

The area where error is happening

– RP Name Overrides

local meta = FindMetaTable(“Player”)
meta.SteamName = meta.Name
meta.Name = function(self)
if CfgVars and CfgVars[“allowrpnames”] == 1 then
self.DarkRPVars = self.DarkRPVars or {}
return self.DarkRPVars.rpname or self:SteamName()
return self:SteamName()
meta.Nick = meta.Name
meta.GetName = meta.Name
– End