Yellow Orbs

This is getting really annoying. I don’t know what the hell these yellow orbs are even after hours of searching. They spawn in every map after I kill an NPC or fire a weapon and begin forming a circle around my spawn area. You can see them through walls and cause my computer to lag from 600 FPS to 15. Any idea where these orbs came from what mod/addon/plugin? Thank you if you know.

mmm do you have stargate mod installed?

Yes, I have the Carter Stargate Addon Pack.

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I removed it and the problem still persists. just found out that in order to make the orbs spawn, you shoot an RPG, just found that out before crashing.

Delete all addons and take a look at the garrysmod/lua/* folder.
This can only be a script, otherwise it would be map specific or whatever.

The name of the script is called “gmod”, I removed it and the problem never occurred after that. Thank you.

function Splode()
local explode = ents.FindByClass(“env_explosion”)
for k,v in pairs( explode ) do
if( v:IsValid() ) then
local Pos = v:LocalToWorld( v:OBBCenter( ) )
ParticleEffect(“dusty_explosion_rockets”, Pos, Angle(0,0,0), nil)

hook.Add(“Think”, “Splode”, Splode)