Yellow sky in the Operation

my bad lighting and shadow

I like the posing, angle, and lighting. Screw logic, he doesn’t need a gun!
But what is that thing right next to the dog?
Nice BMW tire there.

This is horrible.
Why is an unarmed man in a ghillie suit standing up?
How the fuck is that artillery piece in that position?

Photoshop? Looks nice.

Yeah very nice.
I really like it keep up the good work.

Chill out dude.

Didn’t mean to sound like I was raging.

blabla baby~

This looks beautifull, the yellow doesn’t bother me at all. It gives a nice warm summer feeling to the picture

It is a D-30 Howizter in it’s deployed position, it is supposed to look like that.

its called a sunset…

very nice, i like it alot. any chance you could show the original.


it wouldn’t be a better picture if he was hidden and if the sun/sky wasn’t exaggeratedly beautiful

you shouldn’t take these GMOD pictures and too seriously

I know you don’t mean to, but you sort of give an extreme impression to a lot of people

Prismatex, voted most angry Facepunch member.

It’s a solid pose. I would recommend giving some backstory with it so I can figure out why there is an unarmed man in ghillie, a dog with him, and artillery.

Very nice, I like it. Good prop placement

Nice! lol Arma’s D-30

Huh, I like it.


Looks great :smiley:

Since when the hell was artillery a one man job, and when did they start wearing ghillie suits and bringing dogs with them.

And am i a /b/tard now? I was expecting a piss joke.