Yes, im the real Garry!

Who has this? I do! Lol If you dont belive me, il upload a screenshot. I have no idea how I got it, but I got it!

What the hell kind of drug are you doing?

It means you were on the same server as the great Garry.

Wooo…a lot of people have it. I do. I think Garry has it…hmm, no really I wonder if he does. I don’t know how the achievement is set up. Maybe to detect his IP? If that’s the case would it detect his own IP if he played online?..

I’m tired.

SteamID detection probably.

I dont even have Garry as a friend and yet I still managed to get it.
And no, not alot of people have it, only 0.1 people who have Gmod has it (Thats what I read)

It doesn’t matter if you’re friends with him or not. If he joins the same server as you, you get the achievement.

Ah, that makes sense. Still, I wonder if it would detect him.


10% is a lot considering how many people play Gmod…

I know, but what Im saying is that I randomly got it.

me too… hmm maybe garry has a secret name so he can play normally

Are you smoking crack?

That was a percentage before you converted it, it’s 0.1%.

I have it yet I play on only 2 servers…Never see him on though.

I would do that if I were him. I would hate to go on a server and have people saying stuff like ‘OMG HI GARY!!’. On every server.

Would be better to play in secret.


I have it. Fretta Test ftw.

There is known exploits for this achievement. Because on my server someone randomly got the achievement when no one else did and Garry didn’t even join.

I have it, but I’m not sure how I got it… Either it was an achievement bug, of he was in the same server without me knowing.

Yeah someone hacked the SteamID once and changed it to Garry’s and I got it.


Well that happened but I had it before that aswell which is wierd

Do tell how then.