Yes! New patch is so much better for OSX.

This update really made my game run pretty good now!
It was barelly playable now runs good on OSX.
Any other Mac players happy?

I was getting 30 fps and after the update I’m getting 60!!! I love it! And they just hired someone to help fix the Mac version!

How do you play with 1 mouse button?

Use a other keyboard button…!?

External mouse…

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Dunno if it’s just Mac but i noticed that if you Shift + tab for the steam overlay moving the mouse cursor still moves the direction of your character… Not sure if gusta, I liked bringing it up to check who was on when I was running in a straight line for a while

Can’t wait to get home from work and see how the improvements work. Hopefully my MBP won’t seem like its on the verge of exploding after a few hours of Rust, like it typically has in the past.

You’ll love it! And I got the same thing with the steam overlay. What helps is to first bring up you’re inventory and than go shift tab.

Running a MBA currently, excited to see the improvement.

thanks for the shift-tab tip