Yes/No KOS

In my humble opinion, any unknown armed wearing KEV is a automatic KOS. I’ve run past naked’s to engage full KEV targets.

Full KEV = Yes, KOS.

I have never KOS (but have been KOS) but some guys are just asking to be shot. I have had idiots following me around or standing at my base recently as I told them to move away or get shot.

Long story short, they got shot.

While I don’t think I will become a KOS person, my patience between warning and opening fire is getting shorter and shorter.

I pretty much leave everybody alone.

Well, short of people hanging around places I’d rather they didn’t, of course. Often I won’t give them warning, as I’ll have done plenty of observation to see if their motives were malicious.

One of my favorite “Raider” traps is to set a few fires up at dusk. Fire a few rounds of for the effect and sit back in the hills waiting. They always hold still long enough to check the empty crate. =)

Bang. x(

KOS almost all targets, people run around nude so no one messes with them and it turns out they have guns and armor just sitting in their inventory.

Slaughtering everyone who you don’t know (RL friends) is basically the smartest and safest way to play.

When i go out of my house with full kevlar + m4 is mostly to get real PvP, looking for other full kev people. When i meet someone on cloth or totally naked, I try to rob his ressources, I only kill them when they refuse to cooperate and try to run away.

I don’t like the idea to run on someone and shot him as if it was an annoying wolf following you. But i always try to encounter naked people, never got killed from them so far.

People who are assuming that killing people is safe are just people with trust issues. I can understand that, but they can play DayZ and camp the spawn if they don’t trust anybody. If you want to manage a naked guy who could be hiding a gun, just keep moving ask him to stop moving and you’re all done, if he grab a gun, shoot. If not just ask for his ressources. But never stand like an idiot, of course you’ll die if you stay still.

I always move with a friend, i’m never alone so that’s why I can do that, i can understand a solo guy have to kill everybody because he can’t trust anyone. But KOS is just annoying for fresh spawned people. You may have full kevlar + M4, “wasting” your ammo on naked people is just stupid and i always assume that people who are doing it are just raging kids who can’t shoot any other guy that can defend themselves.

Sometimes I KOS and sometimes I don’t. It depends on the player I meet.

But yesterday I met two naked players. They begged me not to shoot them, so I didn’t. A few minutes later of gathering resources I saw another naked dude. I thought he was the same guy I met before. He started walking up to me and I thought he was doing so to talk to me. Turns out he only wanted to shove a shotgun up my ass to get my shit.

NEVER trust naked players, it just doesn’t work out.

There’s a difference between not trusting someone and going out of your way to be an asshole and kill everyone you see for no reason. There’s never a reason for KOS. KOS is being an asshole. Defending yourself is something completely different.

i kos every single time, no matter what weapon i am holding or what they say. i would rather they die than i lose all of my items.

Only if its someone who has wronged me at some point. I’ve been killed for just walking more than a few times. I have, via voice chat, managed to talk my way out of a few could have been hairy situations though. Nothing needed to be given, no insults thrown, just managed to talk my way into getting away unharmed.

I started out not killing anyone unless they killed me first.
Then it turned into not killing anyone unless they attacked me first.
Then it turned into killing people who were chasing me when I try to run away from them.
Now I kill people for following me in any way, unless they make an effort to be friendly. But the gun stays pointed on them until they either leave, or really show they’re friendly.
Rust is making me a killer, and I gotta say I kinda dig it.
Oh and sleepers outside of a shelter? Kill those fuckers on sight. I’d expect the same from anyone else.

I don’t kill anyone and when I do I wait until they’re distracted. If I’m out and about I already have it in my mind that I’m going to lose my gear so I just say hey to everyone and let them make the call. They pull out a gun, it’s on, otherwise, “Howdy, neighbor!”

I like to run up to people and yell “friendly friendly, don’t shoot!” And once they think I’m cool I say “do you have any food or anything I’m dieing of hunger here” if they say no I shoot them point blank in the face with a shotgun. If they say yea, I shoot them in the face with a shotgun while they are getting the items out of inventory.

Yea, punk ass moves like that is the reason for the KOS mentality in this game, bravo!

Yeah you don’t care about the durability do you? :v:

You old, dirty bastard.

Gotta stay on your toes man.

No kos to the nude.

Provided you’re not naked with a rock, I assume…