Yesterday, they were raping our women and killing our brothers... today is payback time.

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Did my best at giving it an old picture style without using sepia or random brown everywhere, dunno if I succeeded or not.

I really like it.
nice title too.

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if the Russians turned around do they face this guy?

Oh god, he looks like he’s straight from the latest MOH. :v:

oh my god

Soviet top tier strat:
Throw warm bodies at it.
Nice pic bro.

The big furniture infront is a bit annoying but the rest is very nice.

Really shouldn’t have put that muzzleflash in. The colouration is ugly and the picture is sooo exposed and bright anyway that it doesn’t make sense. Just looks cartoony compared to everything else.

The rest is nice.

Shitty blood and muzzleflash but I still dig it. The contrast is really odd though.

the guys behind the wood table aren’t going to get much cover

nicely done

That colors are…awesome.

I’ll explain. They are VERY stylish. This grey and red contrast…I like it so much. Reminds me of Saboteur

why does faraon_ZzZ rate things that are awesome, dumb?

Why does he even exist? That’s the kind of questions we shall never have the answers to.

I found a song that may suit the picture a little better. I could be wrong though.

It’s great, I’ll keep it for another one.

The flash is icky but holy shit the rest. Marry me.

The muzzleflash is pretty smelly. Too yellow and too not-muzzleflashy.