Yet another c4 post- How to make it better!

We need an option to manually detonate the c4, not necessarily timed. My idea is that you could right click on it and make it “manually” detonated when you are ready. This would be very real and add lots of tactical options for gameplay and also some hilarity as well- imagine knocking on a person’s door until they come up to the door to yell back at you to knock it off-- Kaboom. People who are Rust-Rich could also use this as home defense by blasting a wall on the opposite side near some would be raiders- the upcoming robot hunter could be damaged this way if he chases you into your house as a last line of defense (I could definitely see this as a great option even considering the cost of the c4 if the robot is intent on wrecking your house anyways). Claymore Mines are already used for booby trap base protection in lower floors in warzones in case the bottom floor gets invaded (Yes, a tripwire may make yet another great addition to c4 as well). Giving players a use for c4 other than for raiding or redecorating their bases is a great thing.

Perhaps require that the person placing have an additional item- the clacker/ detonator and need to be within a certain distance from that c4. This could be default item that comes with a c4 as it is a pretty low tech static maker. The animation could be of the character rapidly squeezing the clacker until the C4 detonates, kind of like trying to ignite the ekola pistol. Using this, players could detonate multiple charges at once simultaneously or perhaps one at a time when they are ready. The default could still be “timed charge.”

This could open up a lot of options for people to fail while raiding as well. If the person with the clacker/detonator dies while raiding or goes out of range of the c4 they placed for some reason (falling off the building/cliff, running for his life) then the c4 is left there and could be recovered by another player who would then gain that person’s c4. Alternatively, raiders could be foiled by a naked who sneaks up on the raiders grabs the c4 (thereby making it theirs and not able to be detonated by the raiders). This could also be accompanied by an animation of the players hand pulling out the blasting cap or hitting/ twisting a switch on the c4 package while reaching in to snag the c4 off the wall. The player who originally placed the c4 might have to make the decision to fight someone trying to grab their c4 or defend themselves from people interrupting his raid.

Additionally, the player who places a c4 in manual detonation mode has the option to replace his c4 if they decide they don’t like the placement or that its time to bail on the raid.