Yet another... Gordan+Alyx picture

Post your Gordon+Alyx pictures here! Or any other love pictures you have made. Here’s my contribution.


Posing is ok.

It’s spelled “Gordon”, and a bad choice of map. For example, a map from the HL2 campaign showing the sea would be more suitable. Flat never ending grass is just boring.

Yeah, I know. I made three pics on flatgrass 'cuz I was bored.


Agreed, I will make a better one later on a better map. Also with the “Gordan” My bad :stuck_out_tongue:

Being Bored is never an excuse.

Stop whining about flatgrass, it really isn’t that goddamn bad.

The picture’s alright, you can tell what’s going on, but I’m not sure I can see if there’s good posing or not, might want to improve on that.

Cuz i waz cuz i waz lol