Yet another "Hammer crashes without error message" thread.

Title says it all. I was trying to use the 2013 sdk to compile a map with the hlsource fgd. The editor runs smoothly, however, upon trying normal compile, the compile screen gives the “copying file” message but doesnt do anything else. Using expert compile it shows a the same thing a bunch of times over before it crashes.
Anyone know just what is going on?


Whoops, mis-read OP.

You do not understand. I know the compiler freezes when working.
Problem is, it is not working. AT ALL.
When I try to compile, the compiling prompt shows the “copying file” message and nothing more. vbsp does not even start.
If I use expert compile, hammer immediately shuts down.

Terribly sorry for bumping this now, I kind of forgot about it for a week.
So, ideas?

I have been testing, and I think the problem may be the Half Life Source fgd I have been using:

Episode 2 version compiles fine, but I cannot use it for this map.
Anyone knows what is wrong with this fgd? Maybe it is some compatibility problem with sdk 2013.

Wait are you trying to map for Half Life Source or Half Life 2?

Half Life Source mate. I said it on the first post.

Half Life Source might not be compatible with 2013, I think The Ship has the same issue.

Well that is just great. Then how od I work with it? Do you know of any workaround?

Well you could always switch the map over to run on BMS. It’s currently on 2007 but is switching to 2013.

Black mesa source? How would that work? I do not think they have the entities I need from half life source. If I were to change to a newer game config I would just try to fix the textures in episode 2.