Yet Another Loading Screen Thread

Loading screens are important. They represent the community/server/gameplay before the player even joins, sometimes even being the deciding factor on whether they wait for the download to finish or they cancel and try another server.

Loading screens should also provide information about the server - including gamemode, current map, number of players, and remaining downloads.

As a player, what things do you notice on loading screens and what things do you ignore? What things are unnecessary and what things aren’t utilised enough?

For me, it’s the current map, rules/description and images of server gameplay, or helpful tips which I might not have known about (see: CSGO loading screens which provide limited weapon/gameplay information). I ignore most things such as “You are Arizard and your steamid is STEAM_0:1:90231092342” because these seem pointless - I already know who I am and i already know what my steamid is. I don’t think enough servers include screenshots/artwork of their gameplay - after all, a picture spells a thousand words, and are also eye-catching and will draw attention to anyone viewing the loading screen. Most servers just have some generic space/abstract background to go with their glass-styled loading screen. Music will make me instantly disconnect, but let’s not make this a loading screen music circlejerk.

I think putting rules or something on the page isn’t a smart descision,
You have a MOTD for that, and you can not garauntee the amount of time the player will have to read the content displayed.

A friend has his loadingscreen set to a mute version of this
Most people laugh at it

In my server, no one reads the MOTD, so that’s not be the most effective way of doing it.

I think the best way would be to hide the way to close the MOTD in the rules themselves. Like:

However, this will remove non-english speakers from the server.

Someone here had in their motd saying ‘The jihad is a dud weapon’

And people still used it, but of course only relevant to terrortown servers, unless you can apply the same onto other examples

I know (just from experience) that NOBODY reads the MOTD ever. Most of the time there is pointless stuff in there so people just tend to skip it. How else do we make sure the player is informed without being intrusive/complicated?

10x better than stuff like “your steam id is: xxx and this is what your own profile pic looks like! Oh and here’s the map you are joining into in case you couldn’t read it on the server browser”

If I’m not going to read your MOTD, I’m sure as hell not gonna read your loading screen

gmod servers don’t really need rules listed anywhere since nobody is ever going to read them. it should just be general knowledge that if you’re being a dick you’re getting a kick.