Yet another Pickup truck.



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Was supposed to be a post-apocalyptic truck for our roleplaying purposes at start, but the prop count was going up like a crazy bird, so I just decided to make it a normal pickup truck.

But I’ll still convert it to postapoc, someday.

Right now, I need suggestions on how to make it any better. I think it’s already much better than my last one, but something tells me that it still needs work.

Suspension and steering included.

The cab is a bit too far in the middle. Otherwise looks nice and curvy.

better than the other, but the proportions are a bit off.

People always forget the mirrors.

the cab is way far back, normally on most pickups the beginning of the cab should start at the end of the front wheel well, so if you move i up there this would look a lot better. other than that, nice

I love the fact it’s not 100+ props and still looks great. Good job.

Actually, it is.

I’ll see if I can do anything about the cab later.


It’s much more modification-friendly than I thought,

Oh, and it’s 242 props now. D’oh.

Right now, the only thing I can see that could be fixed is the rear wheel positioning, they should be a bit more in the middle of you-know-what. Anything else?

Make the cab a bit smaller
EDIT: the cab is ok

You should move the rear wheels a bit closer to the cab. most trucks don’t have the wheelbase so long like yours
for example

Bumping. I think that’s all I can do about major visual changes… rest is just details.

Yeah, don’t over-do it.

Oops. :confused:

that is so cool :buddy:

Post apoc version is cool as shit. The other one is kinda fugly.

I like…weird paneling on rear is weird.
at least it’s not an old car…I do REALLY like old cars but I’m getting tired of seeing them…anything done to death just fails (remember the Tiger fad like 3 years ago?)

The old cars are cool, I do say. I just…want more diversity. Do a 20s car and hten a 60s roadster, or a 40s jeep…I should be able to put away my monocool between posts lol.

This comic makes no sense whatsoever.
I’ll be still working on the postapoc version… even tho it’s around 300 props already.

lolwut? why? I’d thin kthe last sentence under it explains it even if you didn’t understand the squares…there should be more diversity in old cars…anyone wanna do a stanley steamer? Or winces saying it knowing EXACTLY who will build one a kubelwagen?

I’ve seen you post that comic in one other thread RedReaper… Please refrain from posting meme’s in the contraption forums, all it does is it makes you look like an idiot and makes threads go off course. I can understand that yes, there have been a whole lot of cars being posted during the same time. It’s called a fad. They come and go and there will be new and exciting ones down the road.

As for going back on track, nice work with the roll cage on the post apocalyptic version of the truck.