Yet Another Possible Loophole/Backdoor "Virus" (Script) in Garry's Mod

the lincolnshire poacher mixed in with some half life 2 audio

Who cares? It’s outright labelled as a scripting/cheat addon.

it knows what its intention is to do, and i make that very clear, so i fail to see what’s wrong, besides his logic

Isn’t senator one of those retarded skids in cheater team? Or is this something unrelated?

yea most likely the same person

nah it’s dark, but you can probably classify them as the same people by how their mentality is

Spooky the lincolnshire poache video with some sounds from HL2.

Damn son what is your script kiddie group called?

If you silly skids are going to use exploits to reconnet people to different servers, can you atleast make a real War of the Servers happen? I mean at least that would be a fun use of an exploit, what with mingebag tripods attacking DarkRP servers and any player forced to join a server just mutters “lolololol” while chasing people with gravguns and watermelons.

If it’s a top mod then I’m going to check them all.Already checked Prone Mod and the Wac update just in case,they’re absolutely fine.
My friend found this along with the video.But there are thousands of people named ADD ME.This screenshot may even be ADD ME himself.Who knows.

Doesn’t that kinda look like Neurotek’s logo?

Best way to avoid them in the future is to avoid shitty reuploads and server content packs THAT YOU WONT USE EVER. Anyways, case closed, these dipshits aint nothing now that we know what they have planned for the future.

So now they are sending group invites to us.

They want attention, ignore them and they will be gone.

What is his profile url?If /myworkshopfiles is put after the url,we can bypass the private profile thing and I’ll see what he has uploaded and extract the mods to check if anything funny’s in there.

Thats… Thats not gonna work really…

Why not?

All it does is throw you back to the steam community page… Atleast thats how it works for me.

Nope,I did it before to check Alpha Male’s maps because I loved them. Private profile Can still view his awesome map ports :smiley: So yes,it does work.

These are just skids that want attention, just ignore them.

Wait you mean this Dark?